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SOLD OUT! New crop will be available late November - early December!


We are a medium size family walnut growing operation located in Winters, California, the walnut capital of the world. We have farmed walnuts since 1988, concentrating mainly on the Chandler variety, known for its light, flavorful meat. After growing, harvesting, hulling and drying, we send almost all of our crop to our wholesale handler, Alpine Pacific, where it is shelled, sorted, packaged and sold on world markets. Most of the crop is exported in large shipments, mainly to countries that appreciate top quality walnuts, such as Germany and Japan. However, every year we have a small amount of the finest quality nuts from our best fields specially sorted and boxed by our handler, and then we store them frozen in order to maintain the absolute best quality.  


Our aim is to produce the finest possible walnuts in the world. These walnuts are from known, sustainably-grown fields from a responsible grower. Other nuts available in retail outlets are virtually always from multiple growers and sources, and have been subjected to variable storage conditions. Some retailers even promote cheaper nuts originating in places like Moldova or India (a lot of food miles there), which tend to vary considerably in quality. However, if you are interested in top quality and knowing where your food comes from, you will appreciate Citrona Farms Walnuts.